Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Today's observations 29.04.14

1. I'm in town today. You know. Larnden. My auto correct just changed "observations" to "overstated". How fucking fitting.
2. The tube strike has made my very profitable trip very unprofitable. I'm not sure I can forge the calmness that I should have towards the public sector presently.
3. I was a bit early for my evening appt. I'm in a pub on my own. I have my iPad and crisps and wine and phone. I want another drink. I asked the business suit type guys next to me to keep an eye on my stuff. They said yes. They looked *well* trustworthy. They wore suits. They worked (earwigging) in finance. There's not way thems apples are fraudulent. No way.
4. When someone else is looking after your worldly wares when you are casually ordering another drink at the bar (tres importante), the cashier dude seems awfully slow. You keep peeking, again, very subtlety, at the chaps that you have assigned guardianship of your gear. You don't want to make eye contact. You don't want to appear mistrusting. But, you know, "Franco" is really taking his time printing an effing receipt. I bet my iPad is gone. Ole Franks finger is hovering over the "wants receipt" button with trepidation and confusion. I want a bloody receipt, Frank. Get a wiggle on.
5. They were true. They kept my stuff safe. But they are looking at what I am typing right now so I used some Walkers Ready Salted to guard the screen from prying banker eyes.
6. The Walkers just touched the screen and it opened a Dora the Explorer app. I was afraid that I had lost my witty blog entry.
7. The tube strike has brought out a mixture of feelings in me. I'd like to say they weren't all sour and unforgiving and pissed off.

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