Saturday, 26 April 2014

Today's observations 26.04.14

1. Despite the proclaimed safety of air travel, you still get an internal blankety warmth of comfort when your loved one texts to say that they've landed. They are *alright*. All was hunky dory with that flying hunk of metal whooshing over the Irish Sea. Ryanair looked after my fella.
2. Now, pubs and inns of fair Dublin, it's a bit of a mission, but would you kindly try and do the same.
3. When you are home alone, you can out all your stuff that you need to hand on the *same seat on which you are sat*. I'm rooted very comfortably on my sofa and on the very same seat is a phone, a packet of crisps, a *balanced glass of wine*, a remote controller, an e-cig, and an iPad. This could never happen if the other residents were also here. It's most civilised.
4. I have ample movies saved in the Sky+ planner; all saved for an occasion such as this. In fact, this is the first time that I have sat, alone, to watch a movie since my first Maternity Leave. The joy theory is sound. Alas, Sky is total shit. I have started, voyeured, and stopped 3movies so far.  I'm now on a Ray Winstone one which is guaranteed to be another realm of Cockney crap.
5. Over eager car dancing is very embarrassing. It's impossible to run away from the tirade of finger pointing and laughing when you are queuing at a red light.
6. I fail to see why someone has to take €300 on a night out.
7. When you have known someone a long time, you can predict and *guarantee* their hangover habits. My OHs are cemented. He wakes up merry, a little fruity and jovial. This can be diagnosed as still being pissed. By midday, he quietens significantly and his eyelids droop. By 2pm, he is most eggy. You have to let him sleep, child-free, until around 5pm, where his mood liftens.
8. This is also the same time as the Chinese takeaway opens, which, if I was a cynical sort, would be very convenient timing.
9. I seemed to have misplaced 4packets of crisps on my sofa seat. Someone has swapped them for empty bags instead.
10.  Bloody hell, it's quiet.

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