Sunday, 6 April 2014

Today's observations 06.04.14

1. The epitaph of pain can be associated with a toddlers toe-nail and your thigh at 2:19am.
2. A half-asleep, whining toddler does tend to being out my (ashamedly) irate side; I'm not as patient as I would ordinarily choose.
3. When you look at your Smartphone in the middle of the night, it actually feels as though you have been blinded by the burning Sun's cyber rays of doom.
4. That moment when child waddles, semi conscious, into your room in the middle of the night and falls over something on the floor (scatter cushions, bra, book, iPad) and you simply cannot help but guffaw a little.
5. There isn't much that makes the world a better place than finding a £5 note tucked away somewhere in your purse.
6. There isn't much that sparks irrational annoyance than finding said £5 tucked away in your other half's wallet.
7. If there was just one website for everything, the world would be an easier place.
8. Chinese Takeaway etiquette is a funny one. Just how loud or extreme can one's extremities be (amongst family) when a seethingly hot noodle jumps of your spoon and slaps itself, sizzling, on your bare chin?
9. Motorbike noise is unseemingly and an insult to humankind.

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