Monday, 21 April 2014

Today's observations 21.04.14

1. I make some notes sporadically for the sake of blog content. They are here in front of me. No1 says Hotel Vs No Child. I don't know what this means. Hopefully it will become appear apparant further into the blog.
2. I must admit, the crypticism is bothering me.
3. My OH just ran in, all hot and bothered and all that.
4. I'll finish no4 in a minute. I've remembered no1.
5. You rob hotels more when you have children. It's true. The more there is to lift...the more your kids would love it. Unfortunately, my new found memory for this translation cannot think what I was referring to specifically. Ah, yes...notepads and pencils.
6. My OH just ran in and was most excited. "Real Madrid or Bayern Munich!!!! Who's it gonna be! What's gonna happen! Argh! Ahhhh! Gah! God! What's gonna happen Jessie? Bloody hell!". I said that I categorically don't give a flying fig really.
7. We were in our local beer garden today. It really is a most friendly local pub. They know us well. It has a well placed patio garden with *ample* child's toys and amusements. They inflated the bouncey castle just for us. The dear local publican child battled us off, gauntlet style, from approaching the desired inflatable with a Hose-Lokk shower attachment. My children sought a similar arsenal. None was to be found. They instead purchased some "Swee-eez" from the vending machine as a peaceful trade off. It worked. Freddie was won over by the colourful E numbers.
8. Those same colourful "fruit cables" chewy sweets were most interesting. They were so vivid in colour and so starchy in firmness...that they could have actually been attached to a circuit board.
9. Impromptu alcohol. On returning from our beer garden holiday, we arrived home with no means to continue the party. We have still got that 1/4 bottle of vodka in the (still-there) collection of "shed-shite" on the driveway. We have some mulled wine from 2010 (no-one wants to drink that, but we are keeping it for a pre-agreed 25years to see if it turns into an egg) and also, more positively, a bottle of Cava. We opened the Cava. We are celebrating. We are celebrating the world. We toasted Jack-shit. We don't have anything else to drink as a result of our own bad a planning (and the "FLAVOUR" that crept up naughtily) so we are celebrating our own quick wit of thinking to open the Cava.
10. It's wedding season. People are thinking about getting married,  or even actually planning their wedding. No-one asks me what I think about getting married anymore. They know. I'm not a fan of  it - and that's putting it mildly. It's worthy of a separate blog to be honest.

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