Monday, 14 April 2014

Today's observations 14.04.14

1. I don't care what anyone says; PCs are infinitely more useable than phones or tablets.
2. Cashpoints, in my opinion, bring out the fudge of dumbness in people. Always the person in front of me. I've never seen a more vacant and extreme poise of perplexity than a hopeful cash withdrawer who has been asked, predictively, a number of questions in a dem for the ATM to provide withdrawer a service. After the token 467attempts at entering the numerical PIN (a code, I'll bet, the withdrawer has used before), the code is accepted (perhaps through pity) the shoulders and furrowed brow relaxes when she realises that she is nearly there. It's a little bit marvellous that the stage that *really* stumps the withdrawer is the totally unreasonable question of "do you want an advice slip?" The confusion resumes. Even with the notion that it's a Yes/No answer, and even if that's categorically too taxing, then she at leaat has a 50% chance of unwittingly choosing the correct option, she is still at a loss what to do.
3. I'm tempted to offer her assistance for solely aid purposes.
4. 1.5minutes later, I'm tempted to offer assistance because I'm getting annoyed.
5. A mother chastising her child, on a train, is audio-amplified.
6. Annie: Wooooaaah! maaam! Maaam! I can see an aeroplane! Gahhh! Arghhh! An aeroplane!
Me: Wow! Check that out! What *colour* is the aeroplane!
Annie: White!
Me: That's cool. What's your *favourite* colour Annie?
Annie: Simon.
Tom: Yeah, Simon.
7. Wheely suitcases. What the *hell* are you doing? Everyone uses them in stations. It triples the population of the station concourse. They are fucking crap. At the top of an escalator, everyone grinds to a bundled-bottleneck because that stupid man has *STOPPED* to pull that pathetic lever up so he doesn't have to actually carry his bag. He also walks very slowly in the following 10yards, as if gauging the contrast between moving escalated floor and ordinary station floor. This causes the bottleneck to stay stagnant; resulting in commuters having to engage much more than they'd choose.

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