Thursday, 10 April 2014

Today's observations 10.04.14

1. The annoyance of someone else's alarm clock sounding, repeatedly, whilst being repeatedly "snoozed" is disproportionately high.
2. Water....the ..taste 3:54am...after a ...night...out. Can't good it tastes...
3. Announcing that a cull of your Facebook friends is looming has to be one of the most wanky and unreasonable things to do ever.
4. Things that are not supposed to be understood:
a. Quantum Physics
b. Tax calculations from Inland Revenue, including tax codes and their sporadic allocations of such.
c. Pensions and how they are actually formed and how they are different from just saving money.
d. Talcum Powder.
e. Windows 8
f. Any call centre operator.
5. This is a worthy scenario of a mention. You are on the bus laden with small wobbly children and bags. You press the button to stop the bus. Bus stops at your stop. You gather children and shopping and venture down the aisle to the bus doors to disembark. At some point midway, you realise that the bus has not actually stopped fully. Inevitably, the bus will actually come to a halt and fling you forwards - and there is nothing for you and the kids to hold onto. In fact, you have no available hands with which to grab a supporting rail or seat in preparation for the dramatic halt.  In a calculating split second, you root your feet, optimistically, to the bus floor and pull the children close into you; forming a child tree from which they can cling to. You wait for the stopping force to happen, and hope for the best.
6. Leaving soiled dishes to *soak* the sink also means *I cannot be bothered to wash up and so I shall leave it there for another person to do it*.
7. You know you are in a rough bit of the town centre when men shout at their dogs in the street (Note: the dog really didn't care. He *eye-rolled* his skinny owner with disdain).
8. I hate generalisations. I really do.
9. But, if I could categorise all the rude people I meet by demographic, they are 98% OAP and female.
10. The kindest people I meet are teenage girls. Well done you parents.
11. I received a pension statement through recently. It had a potential balance of what I can expect to receive on retirement. I don't think there was any correspondence missing from this statement, so I am a little unsure of its accuracy. The balance was meagre, and that's being kind. Does someone top this up when I retire? The government? The Old Persons Club? That balance can't be it can it? Kevin and I cant retire that. Can someone please sort this.
12. So that's why the OAPs are rude.

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