Thursday, 12 June 2014

Today's observations 11.06.14

1. Space invaders. I've decided that there are certain situations where rules about personal space are compromised. Conflicting circumstances include underground trains/tubes/metros, where you can feasibly stand on someone's head and be within the parameters of decent manners and two very opposite places: sandwich  aisles of Boots, Tescos, Sainsburys and the reduced fresh section in Tesco. In these 2 zones, you have to give people a massive wide berth. People need their own space when choosing sandwiches or which price-slashed ready meal to poach from underneath someone's nose. It's strange that we subconsciously don't crowd people in these displays of lunch-stuffs or nearly-off fish. We stand back, peruse from afar. We know that we have already chosen, and mentally committed, to the Tuna Mayonnaise, but we can't reach for it until the fellow peruser, who stands around 10mm closer to the sandwich display than yourself, hasn't chosen yet and reaching for the sandwich may infringe their view. The reduced counter in supermarkets have a similar etiquette, expect for the anarchists: the OAPs whose grabby hands can snatch the 49p rollmops with stealth and sniper precision.
2. The World Cup has started and I am excited. Sporting choice aside, it gives my OH and I an opportunity to crowd around the TV and be jovial most evenings. It also means, however, we will spend lots of money going out to watch tv somewhere else.
3. My car was serviced today. I used a great garage that was recommended. They sorted the jalopy right out. The air conditioning no longer feels like Sunday morning breath: it now is an Swiss Alpine breeze experience. They hoovered up the jammy dodgers too. I do, however, have a minor gripe - and one that I recall experiencing before. When the service/work is all finished, they dump the completed and polished car in their forecourt ready for my collection. Unfortunately, they park it in such a fashion that *always* makes it awkward for me to drive away. I assure you; I'm an accomplished and relatively skilled driver. I'm confident in my skills. But there's something about reversing out of a space, left-manoeuvring around recently coiffured Lexus and right-angling around a sparkly Range Rover, whilst under the observing eyes of several mechanics, that leaves me a little nervous. Can't you just park my car in a gap that's really big so I may just roar out of it without a driving test on your damn forecourt?! Must you park 4 other cars around it? The sorry scenario was worsened by the chap assuring me on handing over the keys: "You can get out of there, can't you?"
4. A disadvantage of sling wearing. If the other child falls into a river, you can't jump on after her and expect to remain buoyant.
5. A disadvantage of sling wearing. Your child will steal sandwiches and tuck them into the sling like a SWAG Joey.
6. The array of sun protection and lotions in supermarkets and pharmacies adds to my doubt that I probably should not keep venturing out unprotected.
7. My leathery face contributes to this ponder.
8.  Pale blue is a shirt colour that suits all men.
9. My toddler son had an argument today with his own mirror reflection on public. I was very embarrassed. He even knew it was his reflection; he was just being a bit of a prat.
10. My daughter had to give our serviced car a "cuddle" when she arrived back from Playgroup. We really have done some things right.

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